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Which nfl player is gay

Michael Sam - Wikipedia

Kevin Lewis|9 days ago
In November 2018, former player Jeff Rohrer became the first known current or former NFL player to be in a same-sex marriage. In February 2014, Sam publicly came out after his college career had ended, and became the first publicly gay player drafted in the NFL when he …

Homosexuality in American football - Wikipedia

Daniel Edwards|7 days ago
6/20/2017 · The announcement today by former Patriots and Chiefs offensive lineman Ryan O'Callaghan that he is gay brings to seven the number of NFL known …

There have been 11 known gay players in NFL history ...

James Gonzalez|23 days ago
6/14/2015 · Let’s be clear right from the start. None of these athletes are confirmed to be gay or anything like that. The purpose of this list is to go a bit more in depth about some of the rumors that are surrounding these players, not to convince the reader that these athletes are gay.

Top 10 Athletes Who Are Rumored To Be Gay | TheSportster

Charles Lewis|8 days ago
In 2002, Esera Tuaolo former NFL football player publically declared to be a gay. He became the third NFL player to come out as a gay, after David Kopay and Roy Simmons. He is a board member of ...

7 Gay NFL Football Players - sportskeeda.com

George Harris|27 days ago
5/15/2014 · Michael Sam, former University of Missouri defensive end, was drafted into the NFL, making him the first openly gay NFL player. ESPN showed the emotional moment Sam received the call from the Rams.

Gay NFL Player Kisses His Boyfriend on ESPN - YouTube

Donald Wilson|17 days ago
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NFL Players - nfl.com

Kevin Davis|26 days ago
6/20/2017 · Former Patriots and Chiefs tackle Ryan O’Callaghan comes out as gay. O’Callaghan had always planned to commit suicide after football, until Kansas City Chiefs staffers stepped in.

Former NFL tackle Ryan O’Callaghan comes out as gay

Richard Campbell|30 days ago
5/10/2014 · The St. Louis Rams draft Michael Sam making him the first openly gay player in the NFL. ... Michael Sam becomes first openly gay player drafted into the NFL, by St Louis Rams ... Paternity Court ...

Michael Sam becomes first openly gay player drafted into ...

Brian Johnson|26 days ago
6/20/2017 · Ex-NFL lineman Ryan O'Callaghan-- who played for the Patriots and the Chiefs -- has come out as gay ... and says it was an NFL team staffer who helped save his life. O'Callaghan was selected by ...

Ex-NFL Lineman Comes Out as Gay, 'Used Football As a Beard'

Steven Phillips|27 days ago
Who will be the gay Jackie Robinson of professional sports? Former NFL player Wade Davis talks to Touré about coming out—and how other gay players in the NFL live semi-open lives.

Wade Davis on NFL Players Who Live Semi-Open Gay Lives

Anthony Walker|24 days ago
8/21/2015 · I'm a professional gay and I don't care if a gay guy refers to himself as a homosexual because that's who he is, like me, a homosexual. I draw the line on an openly gay guy who refers to himself as "SSA" or something evening bizarre. But, openly gay men do not call themselves "SSA" in the real world. Only here or in some wacked out Mormon church.

Which NFL players are gay? - the Data Lounge

William Roberts|19 days ago
11/19/2018 · Rohrer is believed to be the first gay former NFL player to have a same-sex wedding. Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports. Fullscreen. Jeff Rohrer and Joshua Ross at …

Cowboys: Ex-NFL player Jeff Rohrer marries partner

Richard Lopez|10 days ago
8/14/2015 · Michael Sam, who in 2014 became the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL team, announced on Twitter Friday evening that he is walking away from football for mental health reasons.

Michael Sam, first openly gay player, retires for mental ...

Jeff Collins|7 days ago
Published: Dec. 30, 2018 at 03:57 p.m. New York Giants defensive end Kerry Wynn knocks the ball from Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper and the Giants recover.

William Gay, DB at NFL.com

Brian Adams|12 days ago
The National Football League met with LGBT rights groups last week about the push to end homophobia in sports, at a time when speculation increases over whether the first gay player will soon come out in professional athletics. Amanda Terkel joins Ahmed to discuss.

Nfl Gay Player | HuffPost

Brian Perez|1 days ago
First openly gay NFL player shares story Former NFL player Michael Sam said he always felt like an outsider — the deaths of two older brothers, the bullying he endured by other family members ...