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Mouse scroll not working on facebook

How to fix the wheel on my mouse if it's not working

Paul Evans|10 days ago
Fix Mouse Scroll Not Working On Windows 10. Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong. Before following the below-listed methods first just try some basic troubleshooting to see if you can Resolve problems with mouse scrolling:

Fix Mouse Scroll Not Working On Windows 10 - Troubleshooter

Kevin Martin|3 days ago
12/5/2011 · Problem that occurs when you hold the scroll bar with mouse and Facebook loads more of the news feed. The page jumps to a complete new location.

Facebook Scrolling Issue - YouTube

Kenneth Perez|19 days ago
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Donald Hall|27 days ago
5/2/2018 · Resolve problems with mouse button or scrolling settings. Content provided by Microsoft. ... 932875 Resolve Hotkeys or Volume control keys not working on Microsoft keyboards . ... When low resolution wheels scroll up and down, the mouse driver sends a scroll magnitude of 120 for each tick of the wheel up and 120 for each tick down. According to ...

Resolve problems with mouse button or scrolling settings

Kenneth Perez|3 days ago
6/6/2018 · I was playing csgo on my Logitech G400s Mouse. Everything was going good until I pressed the scroll wheel down to change weapon. For some reason after that, Mouse wheel up is still working but mouse wheel down will work for 0.5 of a second then refuse to register.

Mouse Scroll wheel down not working! | Tom's Hardware Forum

George Collins|19 days ago
5/26/2016 · Windows 10 Facebook App - Mouse wheel does not scroll. Windows 10 IT Pro > ... I am having the same issue I cannot scroll in the facebook app using the touch pad or using the mouse. i have a touch screen and its the only way to scroll. perhaps this is what you are experiencing to .

Windows 10 Facebook App - Mouse wheel does not scroll.

Robert Thompson|9 days ago
When attempting to use the scroll wheel (either through the touchpad or with and attached wireless mouse) I can't scroll within certain windows. Specifically, the Start Menu, Settings Screens, the Windows App store, etc. Other windows work fine (i.e. Chrome, Minecraft, Windows Explorer) but not these ones.

Windows 10 Scroll Wheel Not Working In All Windows - mouse

John Carter|27 days ago
7/31/2015 · Mouse scroll wheel not working in Edge ... So as it turns out I stumbled upon a fix, in settings>devices>mouse and touch pad>scroll inactive windows when I hover over them switch is defaulted on. I switched it off, rebooted and then switched it …

Mouse scroll wheel not working in Edge - Microsoft Community

Edward Campbell|2 days ago
Do you have a problem with mouse scroll not working in Internet Explorer? This is not a mouse problem. It is an issue with some change in settings inside IE. The most probable culprit is IE add-ons. Add-ons and toolbars are considered the one which creates the maximum problem for web browsers. Here is how to fix mouse scroll not working in IE.

Fix Mouse Scroll not working in Internet Explorer

Robert Rodriguez|30 days ago
10/30/2015 · 🔧 Mouse Optimization guide for Gaming - 100% Mouse Precision Raw Inputs, Remove Accleration and lag - Duration: 7:28. Panjno 616,198 views

How to fix mouse scroll jumping with all mice - YouTube

Kevin Scott|9 days ago
Re: Can't Scroll on Facebook same problem, useing ie. i use to be able to refresh and it worked, now its not. Shows part of page. side bar normaly 1 1/2 inch, coming in at 3 to 4 inchs.

Can't Scroll on Facebook | Grown Up Geek

Robert Davis|13 days ago
11/13/2018 · Bad mouse. If the mouse does not work with more than one computer, the mouse is bad and should be replaced. If you are using a wired mouse, check the mouse wire. If the wire has been partially cut or is frayed, this is likely the cause of the mouse not working. Replace the mouse if this is the case. Corrupt operating system files

Mouse not being detected or working in Windows

Thomas Johnson|22 days ago
Suddenly my mouse wheel does not scroll a page as before on various web pages, but on some pages it works fine; Why? 7 replies 40 have this problem 106396 views Last reply by omoto1 5 years ... My mouse stopped working as of two days ago without warning. It's either windows or …

Suddenly my mouse wheel does not scroll a page as before ...

Brian Adams|27 days ago
10/2/2012 · Facebook problem - unable to scroll up Message pages, As of yesterday, unable to scroll up message pages in Facebook, so all conversations before the latest messages are inaccessible. FB 'Help' says contact them and provides facility for contact email and screenshot upload - then their only reply is : "Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to ...

Facebook problem - unable to scroll up Message pages ...

Jeff Davis|22 days ago
5/8/2018 · The latest models totally do away with the physical scroll, and now you can do the scrolling with some rather intuitive finger gestures on your trackpad. This touchpad or trackpad eliminates the need for an external mouse altogether. But nothing would irk you more when it suddenly stops working, and no amount of 'nudging' or poking helps!

Reasons for Touchpad Scroll Not Working - techspirited.com

Kevin White|2 days ago
9/20/2016 · Microsoft mouse 1850 scroll wheel not working Hi guys first post here on the forums, I bought a new Microsoft mouse 1850(Its a wireless mouse) and opened it today and plugged the usb into one of the usb ports and waited for it to install everything it needed.Once it finished,I tried using it and the mouse did move around and I could I could...