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Illegal defense nba

What is illegal defense in the NBA? - Quora

Steven Johnson|25 days ago
11/17/2015 · If you are simply asking what constitutes doing something against the rules in the NBA, versus playing within the confines of the rules, all of these answers would be correct. However, if you are referring to the specific rule that once existed, c...

Defensive three-second violation - Wikipedia

John Miller|25 days ago
A defensive three-second violation, also known as illegal defense, is a basketball rules infraction in the National Basketball Association (NBA) introduced in the 2001-2002 season. It is assessed when a member of the defending team spends more than three seconds in the free throw lane (also called the key, the 16-foot lane, or "in the paint") while not actively guarding an opponent.

Can someone explain the illegal defense rule and how it ...

Robert King|14 days ago
8/30/2015 · The NBA tried to give something to iso players when it eliminate the old illegal defense rule and made the zone legal. In order to prevent rim protectors from standing in the paint all day, when the NBA eliminated one kind of illegal defense they created another, the 3 second rule.

(request vid)NBA Defenses - Changing the Game - YouTube

Robert Martinez|15 days ago
1/19/2015 · -----Illegal Defense Official NBA Guidelines-----A. Technical Foul Section I-Illegal Defenses a. Illegal defenses which violate the rules and accepted guidelines set forth are not permitted in the ...

The CelticsHub Whiteboard: Illegal Defense and How It ...

Michael Martin|19 days ago
9/20/2017 · NBA Illegal Defense Post-2001. In an effort to move away from iso-heavy and stagnant NBA offenses, the league changed the defense rules significantly in the 2001-2002 NBA season. All restrictions on defensive alignments were removed with the exception of the defensive three-second rule.

Illegal Defense vs. No Illegal Defense : nba - reddit

Thomas Garcia|16 days ago
10/15/2017 · After zone defense (no illegal defense) rule was enforced in the 2001-2002 season, handchecking was still there, then starting in the 2003-2004 season it became illegal. MJ came back as a wizards player after the 9/11 attacks to donate all of his salary to the victims.

What is "illegal defense" in the NBA? | Yahoo Answers

3/29/2007 · Best Answer: An illegal defense is not a foul but an infraction or violation called on a team when a defensive player stays inside the shaded area for 3 seconds while he's more than six feet away from the opposing player he's guarding. This rule discourages zone defense, that is, guarding territory instead of body, because NBA rules emphasize man-to-man guarding.

Illegal defense - Wikipedia

William Williams|11 days ago
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Is the zone defense allowed in the NBA? - Quora

George Wilson|20 days ago
12/18/2017 · Seriously? I guess I disagree with every answer given thus far. The NBA is principally a Man v. Man defensive league. Sure, teams employ a helping Man D or Man-Zone scheme as players penetrate. Just about every 1,2,3 and some 4s in the league woul...

Illegal Defense: The Irrational Economics of Banning High ...

Kenneth Hernandez|16 days ago
7/25/2004 · Each year, the National Basketball Association (NBA) conducts its annual entry draft (NBA Draft), which is the exclusive process by which premiere amateur playe. ... Illegal Defense: The Irrational Economics of Banning High School Players from the NBA Draft. Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, Vol. 3, pp. 113, 2004.

rules - Are you allowed to play zone defense in the NBA ...

Richard Edwards|26 days ago
The NBA currently permits the use of zones; however, teams generally do not use them as a primary defensive strategy and no zone defense may feature an unguarded defender inside the free-throw lane (a violation of that results in a defensive three-second violation, which is a technical foul).

How the NBA learned to love zone defense | Sport | The ...

Robert Hall|21 days ago
11/25/2015 · For years, the NBA outlawed zone defense. But it’s become an essential part of teams’ defensive strategy – and, as Stan Van Gundy says, ‘it’s probably made the game better’

What is an illegal defense in the NBA - answers.com

George Martinez|19 days ago
The one occurance of illegal defense in the NBA that I know about is the "3 seconds in the key" rule. If you're on defense and aren't aggresively guarding someone, you can't spend more than 3 ...

Why REMOVING This One Rule Changed The NBA FOREVER (Ft ...

John Carter|16 days ago
8/14/2018 · The NBA has changed a lot of rules, but there was this one rule that was changed to help certain players be better. It’s a NBA conspiracy that tried to help ...

Are zone defenses illegal in the NBA - answers.com

John Perez|16 days ago
The one occurance of illegal defense in the NBA that I know about is the "3 seconds in the key" rule. If you're on defense and aren't aggresively guarding someone, you can't spend more than 3 ...


Mark Moore|20 days ago
RULE IS AS CONFUSING AS NEW TAX LAWS AND FULL OF NEARLY AS MANY LOOPHOLES. By Kurt Kragthorpe, Sports Writer. ... Welcome to the NBA's illegal-defense rule, roughly as easy to ...