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Asurion replacement phone issues

Phone Insurance & Warranty FAQs | Asurion

James Rodriguez|13 days ago
Get answers to the most popular questions about Asurion phone insurance, extended warranties, careers and Soluto services. ... you may be required to return your damaged or defective device using the pre-paid shipping label provided with the replacement device. You will need to return the damaged or defective device within 10-15 days to avoid ...

Contact Asurion Customer Service

Ronald Baker|12 days ago
Need to file or track an Asurion insurance or warranty claim? Have questions about our coverage or company? Get Quick, Convenient answers to your questions.

File a Claim to Replace Your Verizon Phone

George Edwards|2 days ago
It covers issues that aren't covered by the manufacturer's warranty (e.g., loss, theft or physical damage). It may also cover certain defects after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Additionally, you'll receive a replacement device as soon as the next day or have a cracked screen repaired locally by an Asurion certified repair provider.

Sent damaged phone through Asurion and now I am st... - AT ...

John Robinson|19 days ago
Sent damaged phone through Asurion and now I am stuck with a $449.00 Bill After having At & T since in was cingular, I am now really upset because the asurion insurance is a scam, and I am stuck with $449.00 Bill for a refurbished franken-phone that was sent to me damaged. ... so I thought I might as well get a new replacement phone. At that ...

Top 21,762 Reviews about Asurion - consumeraffairs.com

Edward Johnson|30 days ago
Original review: July 16, 2019. My daughter dropped her phone in water. Replacement was easily requested online. Replacement phone was shipped with telephone number to call to help with transfer ...

File a Phone Insurance Claim for Your AT&T Wireless Device

David Miller|26 days ago
Your AT&T Wireless phone got lost, stolen or damaged? File an insurance claim today to get it replaced or repaired. Most claims are eligible for free next day shipping.

Getting a Defective phone issued by Asurion replac ...

Robert Edwards|24 days ago
Good Evening All, I have a quick question for anyone to answer. My dad currently has an Asurion issued replacement phone (Casio C741/Brigade), This is the 2nd one, and it has yet again become defective.

Asurion Issues - Verizon Community

Jason White|20 days ago
12/19/2017 · Multiple working-hours phone calls were required to resolve -each time the response was just wait 24 hours. 3) Then finally after demanding an immediate response, the repair was suddenly OK'ed. However the lower cost screen repair was "not available" and I was asked to pay a much higher deductible for full phone replacement.

Solved: dealing with asurion insurance over broken phone ...

Brian Evans|11 days ago
dealing with asurion insurance over broken phone I accidentally broke a phone that I am paying for on the next plan. ... Asurion - on my 2nd replacement of my son's phone. Asurion received the claim and then cancelled the insurance and attempted to deny the claim. After spending several hours on the phone they finally sent a replacement phone ...

1125 Asurion Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

George Carter|5 days ago
Asurion Reviews and Complaints . 1.3 (565 reviews) ... Asurion Cell Phone Replacement . Asurion Claim ... No less than 5 employees in 2 days have not given me complete or correct information to get my replacement phone. Every hour I don’t have my phone, I lose money because that phone is my main point of contact for my customers. ...

How to replace a lost, stolen or broken phone, tablet or ...

Brian Thompson|28 days ago
See options for replacing your phone or tablet if it's lost, stolen, broken, defective or otherwise needs replacement. Home Support Services & Apps Insurance & Equipment Protection How to replace a lost, stolen or broken phone ... You can file a claim with Asurion according to …

Asurion Customer Service Phone Number - Corporate Office ...

William Mitchell|5 days ago
Call the Asurion Customer Service Phone Number listed here to reach the Asurion Customer representative fast and easily. We have also listed Official email, website, mailing and postal address, corporate office headquarters and other helpful links. If you have any issues or complaints regarding claim, replacement of old phone, insurance coverage, device protection, billing, refund ,…

Warning - Asurion & Refurbished Phones

Daniel Miller|28 days ago
7/7/2007 · I assumed that I would have to get a warranty replacement from Asurion, since they had supplied the phone originally as an insurance replacement. This may have been an incorrect assumption. I think it may be that Asurion supplies warranty replacements for the first 90 days of an insurance replacement, and Verizon after that. (Remember, I have TEC.)

Problems with Asurion replacement phone.. - howardforums.com

Kevin White|21 days ago
6/20/2008 · K, so a few days ago I got my Voyager replaced with Asurion's insurance program. Two problems have came up. First, when they sent the phone, they included instructions to place it in the white envelope that was included to send my damaged phone to them. There is no white envelope... Secondly, the phone they sent me, although brand new, seems to have a very buggy interface.

Asurion - REPLACEMENT PHONES ARE CRAP!!! Jun 03, 2019 ...

Donald Wilson|27 days ago
5/9/2018 · I immediately started having battery issues. I had to take it to the Apple store for a replacement battery (cost $30 in addition to the $149 I paid for the replacement phone), that's where I learned the phone was refurbished and NOT NEW. The Apple person said people are in there all the time with issues with Asurion refurbished phones.

Asurion? - Sprint Community

Christopher Hill|6 days ago
I was told that they would handle the claim for replacement. I have issues with this. The phone is dying, not from something I did, but it's just failing. The housing coming undone is secondary to all the other issues I'm experiencing. Can someone please explain to me how this is …